The essays themselves can be of varying lengths to allow each contributor the freedom to give voice to their stories in the manner they best see fit. That said, it would be good not to write more than about ten double-spaced pages.


We can be flexible with the due date, but we are encouraging contributors to send in essays within the next three months. If that doesn't work for you, please don't hesitate to let us know.


We hope the questions below serve as a guide that will both inspire your writing and serve to bring the essays together thematically.


Essays will cover questions like:
·  What do you do?
·  Where? How is your conservation effort specific to the region in which you work?
·  How and why did you become interested in marine conservation?
·  What aspects, in particular, are you passionate about?
·  How did you go about going into this field?
·  What resources did you use to learn more?
·  How are your efforts different or similar to other efforts?
·  What effects have your efforts had on the marine environment in the area and or the community?
·  What is still needed to make your efforts more successful?
·  How has the intersection of marine conservation and other fields influenced your work?
·  What challenges have you faced when combining different disciplines within marine conservation?
·  What would you like to do that you haven’t been able to do?
·  What would you want young and emerging marine conservationists to know?


Once we receive essays, we will go through a process of editing and will be in communication with you regarding potential changes. We do reserve the right not to accept an essay should it not be a good fit in the volume as a whole.

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