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The Table of Contents

The Ocean as Our Guide:

On Tools and Lessons Learned

“Marine Data What?: Saving Ocean Wilderness through Interdisciplinary Data Science

Juan Mayorga, Marine Data Scientist

Santa Barbara, California, USA

Confidently Embrace the Unknown

By Brittany Novick, Marine Mammal Diagnostics, Conservation and Education

San Diego, California, USA

Lessons in Research and Resilience from the Coral Reef

Liberty Lawson, Interdisciplinary Researcher and Writer

Sydney, Australia

Seven Seas of Grief: Finding a Path to Action on Ocean Plastic Pollution

Marena Brinkhurst, Geospatial Technologist

Nova Scotia, Canada

With a Seashell to My Ear

Gerald Torres, Environmental Justice Lawyer and Professor

New Haven, Connecticut, USA

The Art and Science of Conservation:

On Creativity and Storytelling

Uniting Creativity with Ocean Conservation

Juliana Corrales, Creative Consultant

Costa Rica

Talk for the Fish: Giving the Ocean a Voice

Justin Grubb, Film Director

Ohio, USA

Confronting My Fear and Sculpting My Career

Spencer Arnold, Underwater Sculptor


A Plastic Legacy

Steve McPherson, Marine Plastic Artist


Nature (probably) Does It Better Than You: Inspiring Ideas from Marine Invertebrates

Kate Feller, Marine Invertebrate Neuroethologist & Visual Ecologist

Upstate New York

Against All Odds:

On Challenges and Opportunities

My Path to Becoming A Shark Biologist

Lindsay Graff, Shark Biologist


The Superpowers Aboard eXXpedition

Emily Penn, Architect, Skipper, and Ocean Advocate


How My Decision to Volunteer Changed Everything

Mikaela Gido, Psychologist and Conservationist

Falköping, Sweden

Needing Experience to Get Experience: Deconstructing the Roadblocks to Success

Alan Kavanagh, Conservation Coordinator and Research Manager


From Surfer to Activist and Citizen Scientist

Natalie Fox, Sea Shepherd, Surf, and Yoga Environmentalist

Portugal and the French Alps

As a Travel Writer, I Realized My Dream Job Actually Did Damage

JoAnna Haugen, Solutions Storyteller

Kyiv, Ukraine

The Winds are Shifting:

On Conservation, Community and Collaboration

Send in the Navy!: Story of a Naval Officer, From Cadet to Command to Fighting Illegal Fishing

Tony Long, Global Fishing Watch


Why We Need More Collaboration… Communities and Conservation in Kenya

Agatha Ogada, Fisheries and Community Partner


Bringing Together New Tools in Marine Mammal Science Education

Celeste Parry, Animal Records and Clinical Researcher

San Diego, California, USA

Discoveries of Pure Nerdy Gold

Rahul Mehrotra, Marine Biologist and Much Diver

Bangkok, Thailand

Finding your “Ikigai”

Gabriela Ochoa, Project Manager


Short Epilogue-Interview

Give a Unique Gift to the World

with Margaret Westheim

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